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Laptops All Around! Now What?
So you've decided to give tablets and laptops to all your students and faculty. Now how do you support that? Pennsylvania's Seton Hill University backs up its newly expanded mobile computing program, now consisting of both Apple MacBook Pros and iPads for students and faculty, with a robust support structure modeled after AppleCare. More

An Island No More: A Game-Changing Application Suite for LMS
The LMS is an enterprise-wide and critical platform, but it has mostly remained unconnected to the cloud and to the social Web. But now a new management platform, plugjam from CommonNeed, turns the LMS into a truly seamless member of the Web. More

A Cloud Class Faces Graduation
Arizona State has entered its fourth academic year of having students use Google Apps for Education to do e-mail, documents, presentation, and collaboration work. Those who have been part of the journey said they believe the change has had an impact greater just the technology in use. More

Pepperdine U Moves to Sakai Open Source LMSAt the end of this year, Pepperdine University in California is formally switching over its learning management system from Blackboard to one based on Sakai, an open source learning management system. More
Getting Faculty Buy-in for the LMSAccording to Jeff King, in 10 years people are going to have a new understanding about the true value of the learning management system (LMS)--as a tool for keeping track of learning outcomes. "And that's gold," proclaimed the director for the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence at Texas Christian University, a private college with 8,800 students in Ft. Worth. More
Kentucky Colleges Chunk Up Online Course OfferingsKentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS) has begun offering courses online that run just a few weeks in duration and are short enough to warrant partial credits for their completion. More
Designing Effective Online Assignments
In this March 22, 2010 article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Todd Gilman describes ways of defining online assignments that assist students in becoming independent learners.

**Incorporating Synchronous Elements into Online Courses to Enhance Student Engagement**

**The Future of E-Learning Is More Growth**By virtually every measure, electronic learning is experiencing unprecedented growth and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. A new analysis and forecast released this month by research firm Ambient Insight bolstered previous research in this area, showing that electronic learning, by dollar volume, reached $27.1 billion in 2009 and predicting this figure will nearly double that by 2014, with academic institutions leading the way. More
Online Enrollment Continues Double-Digit Growth
More than 4.6 million college and university students took at least one course online in 2008--more than a quarter of all post-secondary students in the United States. This represents 17 percent growth over the previous year, drastically outpacing higher education's overall enrollment growth rate of 1.2 percent in the same period, according to a new report released this week.
Synching up with Your Asynchronous Learners
Some students are reluctant to enroll in online courses, afraid they will miss the social aspects of the face-to-face classroom. For these students, it makes sense to incorporate online synchronous sessions to provide some of the benefits of the face-to-face class while maintaining most of the flexibility of an asynchronous online course.
Transitioning to Technology Based Instruction
When Mark Van Dyke, Ph.D., signed on with Marist College five years ago, he knew that online education would play an integral role in his new position. Conversant in basic computer applications, Van Dyke had used technology as a management tool, but never for teaching or learning. More

Online Teacher Training Seen as Trend to Watch
A school technology expert predicts that online professional development will come to play “an enormous role” over the next five years.
Related Story: Online Professional Development Weighed as Cost-Saving Tactic

The View From the InsideA top course facilitator provides a behind-the-scenes perspective on online training.
Blackboard To Buy Out Angel Learning
Blackboard is buying out Angel Learning, the maker of a major competing learning management system, Angel LMS. Blackboard President and CEO Michael Chasen explains what it means; users respond.
Justice Department Looks Into Blackboard's Angel Acquisition
The United States Department of Justice is apparently taking an interest in Blackboard's recent acquisition of Angel Learning. DOJ has been asking questions about the controversial buyout, according to Blackboard's chief rival in the commercial LMS space, Desire2Learn.

**USC Taking Graduate Degree in Teaching Online**
The University of Southern California's Rossier School of Education is launching a master's of arts in teaching degree that will be delivered online. The new program begins in June of 2009.
Lessons From the Ivory TowerAlthough online education is growing as an option for students in K-12 school districts, colleges and universities have been much quicker to develop and provide online courses and incorporate them into their curricula.
Ed. Schools Expand Web-Only OfferingsOnline teacher preparation used to be talked about in the same breath as “diploma mills” that grant résumé-inflating but worthless paper degrees. Not anymore.