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Create your own iPad keyboard for under $10
The most common complaint about iPads is that typing is awkward. Here's one inexpensive solution - create your own iPad keyboard for under $10!
American Revolution iPad Textbook
Jeff Grimes shares one chapter of an iPad interactive textbook on the American Revolution which he created for his high school senior project
Turning Students into Teachers
An updated version of this popular post on screen recording apps includes some recent app releases
Everything I Need To Know - About Education - I Learned In Kindergarten
This blog post details how the 21st century education you're looking for may already exist at your school... in Kindergarten class!

**Schools Test E-Reader Devices with Dyslexic Students**
But the jury is still out on the impact those digital tools are having on helping students with reading disabilities. (Education Week)

Brief: Utility Converts Books to EPUB Format
Assistive technology developer Don Johnston Inc. has released a new tool that allows users to convert electronic books to the EPUB format, used by Android and iOS devices, among other electronic book readers and tablet devices. More

The Device Versus the Book
Electronic readers may be ushering in a watershed moment in personal reading, with the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and Barnes & Noble Nook duking it out for market dominance. But how do these contenders fare in the academic marketplace? More

Blackboard To Take Learn Platform Mobile
Blackboard is preparing to release Blackboard Mobile Learn, a new version of the company's flagship learning management system tailored for smart phones and other mobile devices. It will debut as a native application for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and "other Web-enabled devices" in the late spring. More

Producing a Podcast: Lessons from U Buffalo School of Social Work
Determined to reach digital natives where they live, the School of Social Work at SUNY's University at Buffalo has taken on technology outreach projects ranging from a simple Facebook page to the launch of a course in Second Life. But the largest commitment in this overall effort has been to a biweekly podcast series. In part 1 of this two-part series, the podcast producers share some lessons they've learned in undertaking this digital media initiative. More

**Making the Case for Mobile Computing**
Are cellphones and other mobile devices powerful learning tools or intolerable classroom distractions? (Digital Directions)