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Mapping the Latest Research into Video-Based Distance Education - The 2009 Updated, Expanded Analysis

Wainhouse Research - Alan D. Greenberg summarizes a representative subset of recent research on video-based technologies for distance education. The paper illustrates the fact that the past decade has witnessed a tremendous amount of distance education research, with a smaller but growing body of work specifically on the use in education of videoconferencing, on demand video, and lecture capture systems.
As the use of videoconferencing has expanded, educators, researchers, technology providers, analysts and others have increasingly sought to answer questions such as:
  • Is interactive videoconferencing as effective as the traditional classroom for delivering instruction?
  • What are the unique capabilities this technology brings to the table — for student interaction, for wider participation, and for collaboration among dispersed groups of students and educators?
  • Do the benefits of videoconferencing justify the up-front cost of adopting the technology?
  • How might videoconferencing be best used to take full advantage of the technology’s capabilities?
  • What are the success factors and what are the obstacles to successful deployment?
  • How are the newer, on demand solutions measurable and what is the impact of the additional points of contact between educator and learner?
This White Paper, sponsored by Polycom, focuses on the state of research as of 2009 into the impact of video technologies on distance education.
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Camtasia Relay 2 Brings Searchable Video to Lecture Capture
TechSmith has released Camtasia Relay 2, an update to the company's flagship lecture capture suite. The latest version adds speech to text capabilities for capturing and indexing audio in presentations. More

**Welsh University Moves to Lecture Capture**
Some faculty at Aberystwyth University are using a new lecture capture tool to restructure how they use classroom time. The Welsh institution has deployed Panopto's CourseCast, which some lecturers on campus are using to pre-record lectures, which they then post to the Blackboard Learn course management system. **More**

**UC Irvine To Deploy Lecture Capture Campus-Wide**
The University of California, Irvine has selected Camtasia Relay from TechSmith as its campus-wide lecture capture application. The deployment will be made available to 10,300 faculty and staff for creating lecture and instructional recordings. **More**

Four Universities Roll Out Lecture Capture
Four universities--the University of Texas-Pan American, Columbus State University, and two University of Missouri campuses, Columbia and Kansas City--have gone public with their adoption of lecture capture software from Tegrity. More

University of San Diego Goes Mobile
The University of San Diego has launched "MySDMobile," a suite of nine mobile device programs for its campus community. More

SJSU Brings Online Students Face-to-Face
Over the last 11 years, San Jose State University, an early adopter of online learning, has experimented with technology tools to enhance its Web-based course offerings. One of the institution's most recent additions to that lineup is a videoconferencing system that allows faculty and students to interact in a "face to face" format online. More

Lecture Capture System Pulls Double Duty at Michigan State
Michigan State University is using its lecture capture system to stream class sessions for students enrolled in its Executive MBA program, helping them catch up on missed classes and review lectures for exams. But the system has also proved to have an unexpected secondary benefit: generating revenue.

Drexel Adopts Lecture Capture System
Drexel University in Philadelphia has selected TechSmith's Camtasia Relay as its campus-wide lecture capture solution after being a beta tester for the new application.