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The Next Big Thing in Learning!
What is the story behind the statement that there is no "next big thing"?

**Will Technology Advance Learning, or Prove a Distraction?**

Technology will only advance learning if it is used to support literacy and inquiry, William Oehlkers and Cindy DiDonato write.

Back to the Future: The Changing Paradigm for College Textbooks and Libraries -

The debate over electronic textbooks and ever-increasing costs for traditional textbooks continues to rage. Part of these Web-era dilemmas ironically involves the willingness to face contradictions from the university's past.

What's ahead for e-textbooks?
While you are gazing at the clouds drifting across the summer sky, you may want to dream about the future of higher education. Here is a glimpse into electronic textbooks you may not have considered. This 4:35 minute video shows a new technology used to create interactive books that can be read and manipulated on iPad and iPhones. Take a look at the future of textbooks and encyclopedias.

10 Reasons To Use Digital Textbooks

Universities On The Brink: The ever-increasing cost of education is not sustainable.
For the past quarter-century, the cost of higher education has grown 440%, according to the National Center for Public Policy and Education, nearly four times the rate of inflation and double the rate of health care cost increases. The cost increases have occurred at both public and private colleges.

**Professional Development: Sorting Through the Jumble to Achieve Success**
A new Education Week special report aims to provide a fresh look at teacher professional development. The stories examine many facets of the training, including its research base, implementation in districts, cost, and evolution. For the project, our reporters drew on interviews with teachers, administrators, and scholars.

Read the overview: **Professional Development for Teachers at Crossroads**
Virtual Labs: Augmenting Learning
Colorado State University's engineering department has taken its labs online to augment classroom activities and help students get their assignments done while away from campus. More

**Change Agent**
Will Richardson, a former teacher-turned-tech expert, says schools need to revolutionize teaching and learning to keep pace with societal changes.

Adapting Teaching to a New Era
A high school English teacher reads up on 21st-century learning.

**Merit Pay Found to Have Little Effect on Student Achievement**
A study finds students whose teachers have a chance to earn bonuses perform no better than those of teachers paid traditionally.

The Age of Obfuscation
The usual criticism of new media in our culture is that the media is making us less able to write well, less inclined to read texts longer than a paragraph, less social or unable to concentrate. A far greater danger is obfuscation.... More
Remaking the College Campus
An e-learning veteran envisions a college campus of the future where physical space, technology, and collaboration blend. More
**Florida State College Publishes Digital Textbooks**Five years after launching a project to develop low-cost and highly interactive course materials, faculty teams at Florida State College at Jacksonville have written 20 general education textbooks. **More**
**U Cincinnati and OhioLINK Research Digital Textbook Adoption**An Ohio research project is investigating just how students would prefer to get the text for their courses--whether in hard copy form, in versions suitable for mobile devices, or in some other digital format. More

**21st Century AV on a Century-Old Campus**When a new building was planned for 102-year-old Montclair State University, it presented an opportunity to incorporate advanced audiovisual technologies to enrich and support student learning. **More**

**Trevecca Nazarene Pursues Energy Reduction**A $17,000 project at Trevecca Nazarene University is expected to reduce energy usage by about 15 percent in one building on the Nashville, TN campus. More
8 in 10 Students Turn to Wikipedia for Research Eighty-two percent of students in higher education turn to Wikipedia for their course-related research. But, according to a new report out of the University of Washington, most are doing it just to give their research a jump start.More
**The New War Against Ed Schools**Instead of scolding schools of education, the nation's secretary of education needs to offer more constructive ideas for change, writes Pedro A. Noguera.
**Will Science and Engineering Now Be a Good Career?**Adequate numbers of top students are being trained in the fields, write Hal Salzman and Lindsay Lowell, but many are being lured away by higher salaries elsewhere.
Curriculum Matters: **(Re)Inspecting the STEM Pipeline**
**Teacherless Classrooms: Can We?**
If you could have a choice between a 'teacherless classroom,' where chunks of knowledge are packaged and pushed out to potential learners by technology, or a 'classroom full of teachers,' where students are included in the teaching/learning conversation via technology, which would you pick?
**Reimagining the Textbook**Electronic reading devices, or e-readers, could revolutionize the classroom, write Michael L. Miles and Bruce S. Cooper.
The Experience FactorWho said anything about retiring? Some Baby Boomer teachers find they're only now reaping the benefits of their hard-won knowledge and skills.
**When Teachers Are the Experts**Professional development by lecture is doomed, writes Ross Hunefeld, and should be replaced by teacher-led learning communities.
Breaking Down the Traditional Barriers to EducationConsider an educational institution that allows individuals to interact and learn online without worrying about how they're going to cover next semester's tuition bill. That's precisely what Shai Reshef had in mind when he developed the concept for University of the People, the first tuition-free online university, which opened earlier this month. More
Embracing Electronic TextbooksBeyond the money-saving feature for students, electronic textbooks offer another benefit: They can be more convenient for professors, who can easily review a new textbook online, then make a quick decision to include it in a course. More
**In the U.K.: Major Report Condemns Test-Driven Curriculum**
Anthony Cody examines a U.K. report showing that the country’s national test has had disastrous effects and calling for its end.
U Kentucky Goes Digital with Thousands of Oral Histories
During his time as governor of Kentucky in the late 1960s, the late Louie B. Nunn decided to fund a project for the University of Kentucky Libraries. The endowment was for the collection of non-partisan oral histories, and the result was the University of Kentucky Libraries Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History. More
Staff Development for Teachers Deemed FragmentedThe time American teachers spend in professional development largely continues to take place in isolation, rather than in school-based settings.
**How to Choose the Best Online Training for Teachers**Administrators must be sure to avoid offering online professional development that doesn’t connect with what teachers do in the classroom. (Education Week)