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Report: Technology One Key to Preparing Students for College
A report published by the Blackboard Institute has identified several ways in which educators can best encourage high school students, especially those from underrepresented groups, to pursue higher education. The report, entitled "Closing the Gap between High School and College," is based upon one-on-one interviews with 24 recognized experts in education theory and practice. More

Not Your Grandfather’s Blackboard? My Recent Chat with Bb Learn President Ray Henderson
Blackboard’s product strategy has moved from that of a course management platform to a suite of integrated, enterprise systems that span a range of institution-wide services from communications to ecommerce. And Blackboard leadership--including Blackboard Learn CEO Ray Henderson--has placed a new emphasis on client support and openness. Trent Batson spoke with Henderson about the company’s new direction.

Colleges post free e-books on iTunes U website
Rice University has joined Oxford University and The Open University in contributing free, open eBooks to the iTunes U web site
eCampus News (11/3)

Tegrity Intros Emergency Contingency Learning System for Higher Ed Ed tech developer Tegrity has debuted a new system to allow colleges and universities to continue instruction online in the event of a campus closure. More

New and Used Textbooks from Textbook Store

7 Textbook Publishers Move to Electronic Format
Several textbook publishers have recently joined the ranks of publishers offering their works in electronic format. Last week, seven, including Elsevier Science and Technology, SAGE, and Taylor & Francis signed on to offer their higher education textbooks through CourseSmart's eTextbooks service. More

Savings Of Virtual Ed.
The discussion centers around whether e-learning is really more cost effective than traditional brick-and-mortar schooling. (Education Week)

Report Foresees Mass Teacher Retirements
A new report emphasizes the role of cross-generational learning teams to help keep teachers in the profession.

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