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**The Time-Tested Dos and Don'ts of Using Classroom Technology**

After years of experimentation and reflection, English and digital media teacher Paul Barnwell offers his current take on smart—and not-so-smart—ways to use technology in the classroom.

Is Blended Learning Effective?
Blended learning sounds like a nice idea--mixing a traditional classroom environment with online components--but is it actually effective? It seems almost intuitively obvious that it is. And with the explosion of blended course delivery in recent years, despite the dearth of research, clearly education institutions take that point for granted. 09/17/08
Microsoft Releases Math 4.0 Free
Microsoft has released a new version of its math education software Mathematics 4.0, making it available as a free download for the first time.

+ Challenges Seen in Moving to Multimedia Textbooks
Most districts have the technology to support the basic digital textbooks of today, but not the interactive, multimedia-rich ones of the future. (Digital Directions)

Oxford, Rice, Open U Add to iTunes U Electronic Book Collection
Three institutions--Oxford University, Rice University, and Open University--have added e-books for free download through iTunes U, Apple's educational area in its iTunes Store. Each is taking a unique approach to the selection of its e-books, but all are using the EPUB format. More

College Students on Streaming Video: Get Me Outta Class!
Nearly a third of college students reported that their parents or guardians would be "very upset" to know how little they actually attend classes in person. The reason: They're watching the courses through streaming video instead. More

Oregon State Physics Class Experiments in Space Design Oregon State University is trying out a new type of classroom for its introductory physics courses, which typically have 75 to 100 students. The space, introduced in spring 2010, replaces rows of desks with round tables and covers the walls with giant interactive whiteboards. More
11 Reasons Advanced Technology Classrooms Fail Over the last two decades, there have been few, if any, academic institutions that have not built new classrooms and integrated advanced classroom technology in them. Many of these undertakings have been successful in several respects. Unfortunately and all too frequently, however, there have been stories of disaster as well. More
**Whiteboards' Impact on Teaching Seen as Uneven**
While experts see whiteboards as powerful tools for improving instruction, teachers vary widely in their ability to use them effectively. Video: Beyond Teacher Chalk Talk
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Can Clickers Enhance Student Learning?
Dr. Peter M. Saunders, director of Oregon State University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, has heard the horror stories, and understands why faculty were hesitant to use clickers in the early years. But clickers have come a long way since they were first introduced into the college classroom, says Saunders, while noting that today these student response systems are not only reliable and easy to use, but have become an effective instructional tool proven to improve attendance, grades, and student motivation.

Purdue U Brings Social Networking to the Classroom
In most classrooms around the world, using cell phones to send text messages and laptops to access sites like Facebook and Twitter are very much discouraged. Not so at Purdue University, where some professors have come to embrace social networking as an instructional aid. More

Why Not Lab Time for 'Soft' Disciplines?
Regularly scheduled lab time has long been an accepted standard in science courses. Now there may be an argument for extending the standard to include all disciplines.... More

House panel explores ed tech's value
A panel of educational technology experts spoke before the members of the House Education and Labor Committee June 16, stressing the importance that technology plays in the classroom as well as the need for continued professional development. [ Read More ]
**CourseCast Lecture Capture Tool Adds Mac Recorder, Expands Podcasting**
Panopto this week released an update to CourseCast, the lecture capture system that's made available to academic institutions at no cost through a special program offered by the company. More
Not Your Parents' 'Course Content Delivery'
The phrase "course content delivery" is familiar to us all, but its usage could stand some updating. In fact, we may be due for a millenial change in our perceptions of learning design as current technology tools offer opportunities to change teaching and learning models. More
Classroom Management 2.0
A 17-year-old high school junior in California has launched a new Web-based classroom management software program.

Moodle 1.9.5 Gets Gradebook Enhancements Security ImprovementsMoodle has released an update to its open source learning management system. Moodle 1.9.5 adds a number of gradebook improvements, new administration features, and several security enhancements. Moodle has also released an update to the 1.8 branch, version 1.8.9, which includes several fixes and security improvements.
**Modesto JC Overhauls '50s-Era Facilities for State-of-the-Art Audiovisual Production**In order to accommodate new state of the art equipment for its audiovisual programs, California's Modesto Junior College (MJC) was looking not just at rewiring a building, but bringing 1950s-era building construction up to 2009 standards--a huge undertaking by any measure.
Designing Learning Spaces for Instruction, Not ControlWhy are our learning spaces still so reminiscent of the past? Why are these spaces still so constrained?
Breaking Away From TraditionAs the world of online education continues to evolve, brick-and-mortar schools are incorporating digital curricula and virtual teachers into their classrooms in surprising ways.